Meet the artist

Hello, happy to have you here!

My name is Nana Irgolič, and I am a graduate art pedagogue, an artist who loves being different from others. An absolute tea lover, living a plant based lifestyle with Agatha Christie’s book in my hand. And don’t forget about Paris, my dream piece of land on Earth. I always strive for aesthetics and timelessness, which I achieve the easiest when I stay true to myself – hint: flowers, delicacy and colors of greens.

I wholeheartedly believe that we can creatively reduce the amount of discarded clothing and thus keep our planet and people safe. I love looking for value in old things and combining my creativity with a sustainable lifestyle.

I’m not just doing it, I’m living it.

I found my own good in sustainability and in the desire to help improve a view of the fashion world with my creations. I believe that art is able to touch just about anyone. Everyone perceives it in a different way and that is the beauty of individual’s interpretation.

With my art products and services, I focus on the issues of fast fashion, textile waste and their reuse. I want to encourage you to become a more conscious and sustainable consumer, to bring you closer to the environment, people and animal friendly fashion, and to show you how easy it is to breathe new life into monotonous textile products.

what I believe in

I’m a big proponent of thinking “Use the old and be creative while doing it”. It’s something magical in renewing pre-existing garments that are carrying profound stories.

I believe that my work is my contribution to a better tomorrow.

Through my creations, I can convey deeper messages with which I can touch people more radically. It’s not just about the words, it’s about actions. It’s something tangible.

Embroidery and art are meditation for me. It is something that calms me, expresses my feelings, and at the same time, by restoring clothes, I am preventing the accumulation of textile waste. I am creating friendlier and fairer alternatives to clothes in which you can feel very special. With my reworked garments, I want to emphasize that even in vintage clothes you can feel confident, comfortable and develop your own unique style.

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