Restoration of sustainable clothing with artistic embroidery.


Custom made clothes

Instead of replacing your garment with a new one, repair the one you already have.  If you would like to rework, embellish or put a secret note to your beloved garment, I can make it happen. Just drop a message with your preferences or contact me for more details.

Some inspiration for custom orders:

  • Your favourite word.
  • Your favourite plant, flower or tree.
  • A cup of tea.
  • A portrait, a building, some special object.
  • Proposal, anniversary or birthday surprise: Secret note in the inside of your loved ones favourite shirt.

I am also offering free repairs for life on any garments you purchase from N A N Á, including custom mades. Read more here:

what I believe in

I’m a big proponent of thinking “Use the old and be creative while doing it”. It’s something magical in renewing pre-existing garments that are carrying profound stories.


Custom made artwork

Custom made 

I am open for commissions if you would like to order a larger format of original/print, if you want more personalized and specific sustainable artwork, or just want to change the word on likeable illustration. You can contact me here and I will try my best to realize your desire.

I’m not just doing it, I’m living it

Reworked and authentic vintage clothing.