Restoration of sustainable clothing with artistic embroidery.


Every garment is handpicked in local thrift shops, vintage shops, clothing swaps or purchased from small vintage businesses. The biggest focus of N A N Á collections is material of garments. I want to be kind to the planet and you! I always make sure that sweaters and blouses are made out of natural, planet and skin friendly material. 

Before the creative process, I carefully hand wash every chosen piece, remove any stains and let it dry naturally. I am using only Earth friendly detergents – this is essential. These are my favourite ones to use:

Some of the garments need extra preparation. When clothes have been washed without care, loose fibers start to appear on the surface of the fabric. I remove lint balls with much care and make sure that I don’t damage the garment through the process. 

I create and choose the design according to the garment’s style and colour. Always gentle and delicate, simple yet full of details.


Curated and handpicked collection of vintage blouses and sweaters.

Every thread is either vintage or reused from old garments. When looking for new ones, I make sure that they are made from organic cotton or are recycled.

Embroidery is my favorite part. I adapt the design to any holes or stubborn stains that are on the garment, and create artistic composition out of it. I rarely use any direct sketches; I prefer freehand embroidery and spontaneous curves. Every stitch is tenderly made with lots of love.

When using textile scraps as part of the design on the garment, I choose only fabrics made of natural materials such as cotton, linen and viscose.

Reclaimed preloved sweaters and blouses are thoughtfully equipped and packaged in plastic free, zero waste parcels. 

Meet the artist

I wholeheartedly believe that we can creatively reduce the amount of discarded clothing and thus keep our planet and people safe. I love looking for value in old things and combining my creativity with a sustainable lifestyle.