When old becomes your new favorite.


N A N Á artwork is primarily made from textile scraps. I try to save as many fabric bits as possible and include them in my art creations. I source them at clothing swaps, from local seamstresses, small upcycling businesses and at a textile waste collection center near my hometown.

I still store a lot of art material from my faculty days, so I try to use up that first. Otherwise, I always look for recycled paper and canvases without harmful chemicals.

In my shop, you can find originals as well as prints, so my art can warm the walls of many homes. If not original, all of the designs are printed on recycled paper with water-based ink.

Oh, is this polyester? Yes, it is. Although at first glance the material is not the most environmentally friendly, as long as we (re)use it, it’s serving its purpose and it’s not a waste. Any vintage thread made of synthetic material is used solely for embroidery artwork.


When old becomes your new favorite.

I always think about how to use specific material I already have at home. Sustainable artworks are thoughtfully equipped and packaged in plastic free, zero waste parcels that contain reused material (cardboard, strings).

Meet the artist

I wholeheartedly believe that we can creatively reduce the amount of discarded clothing and thus keep our planet and people safe. I love looking for value in old things and combining my creativity with a sustainable lifestyle.